5 Things To Avoid When Selling A Home


Sellers in today’s real estate market are facing a lot more competition and oftentimes they’ll resort to unwise and often expensive fixes to help with the sale. Because of the sellers’ market that we are in (and will be for quite some time); more homes are coming on the market incorrectly priced for what they are. Yes, it is a sellers’ market and yes, homes are getting multiple offers, but buyers are STILL very savvy and won’t buy if the home is overpriced or under-updated. In order to help make the whole process a bit easier, I’ve compiled my Top 5 things to avoid when selling a home.

Don’t Renovate to Sell

    If you haven’t already redone the bathroom, finished the basement or updated the kitchen, don’t do it now in anticipation of selling your home in the near future. In order to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from home improvements, have them done while you’re still planning to live in your home for some time. Spending renovation dollars to impress potential buyers often doesn’t pay off since many buyers want to style their new home to their taste, not yours.

Step Away From The Gray

   While a neutral palette for interior rooms (such as white, gray, beige, etc.) may seem to be the least offensive choice when prepping the home for sale, stick to earth tones such as blue, greens and shades of yellows if you need to paint at all. Color matters when making a good first impression to buyers and the more universally appealing paint selections will catch and keep the house hunters’ attention.

Hold Off on House Hunting

   Limited home inventory in this region is making finding your new home while selling your current one a bigger challenge than in years past. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a good idea of the neighborhood or city you’d like to move to but don’t drive yourself nuts attending every Open House out there. Let buyers know up front that you’ll need time to find “suitable housing” and start house hunting in earnest only when you have a signed offer on your current home.

Adopting a Pet?

   Perhaps Not Right Now! For many of us one of life’s greatest pleasures is having an animal companion in your home. That said; if you’re thinking of getting a pet, wait until you move and have settled into your new home. A lot of prospective home buyers are turned off my pet smells and are often allergic to pet dander as well. Plus, moving into a new home is traumatic enough for humans so there’s no need to put your new pet through that stress as well.


   Yes, But Keep It Simple, first impressions are STILL everything! Whether you live in a roomy house or closet-size studio, the idea is to make your space look as large as possible when you go to sell. A lot of folks think that they have to stage the rooms to the hilt with every furnishing or accessory possible in order to make it look impressive. Truth be told, a few well-placed items help draw the eye to what’s special about each room. A few well-chosen books bring attention to your built-in bookcases. Mid-size area rugs help to highlight the beautiful hardwood floors and not cover them up. Just a few eye-pleasing framed pictures can play up the large wall in the living room. And, you can’t go wrong with potted plants to brighten up any room. Keep it simple so buyers can see the room and not be distracted by too many knick knacks.

Perhaps the best tip of all for making the sale of your home as stress-free and successful as possible is to not do it alone. My business expertise and marketing savvy will get your home sold in the shortest time and at the best price. In this highly competitive market, what more could you ask for?

Contact me at (214) 609-7123 or jtrump@kw.com



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