Does The Car Make The Agent?


It used to be that real estate agents; and sales people in general; were judged on how successful they were based upon the car that they drove.

First Impressions

Although I never bought into this notion, I knew a lot of sales people and real estate agents who did, and still do. I was sometimes asked why I didn’t drive a luxury car or “when are you going to buy a new car?” And just recently the issue of “cars” came up at a training session. Newer agents working hard just to get a few transactions under their belt are concerned that they don’t look successful enough. It is true that when people first meet us we have just a few seconds to make a good first impression. Like it or not, when we enter a room or drive up in our car, we get judged- instantly.

I Love a New Car

As a car lover I get it. A new, sleek and shiny new car is wonderful, and the smell…I love it! But cars aren’t a good investment, especially for the busy REALTOR. The minute you drive away from the car dealership, the car loses value. Plus, after the “thrill” and smell of a new car fades all you are left with is a car payment that seems to last forever.

Your Car Should Be Clean

Whether or not you buy a new car is completely up to you, but a new car won’t make you a more successful real estate agent. Many of our clients will meet us at properties, real estate agents and their clients generally drive their own vehicles or simply meet at the property and your client never even sees your car. If you are driving your clients around you do need to have a car that is presentable. It needs to be dent free and clean inside and out. That’s pretty much it.

You Won’t Be a Better Agent

After that first impression your client wants to work with an agent who knows what they are doing. If they see that you know what you are doing, they’ll pay less attention to your older car. While driving a luxury car and wearing designer clothes may make you look and feel better, they don’t make you a better real estate agent.

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