Why Fall Can be the Best Time to Sell Your Home.

Winter weather is approaching and I get questions from prospective sellers as to whether they should wait until spring to put their homes on the market. I have even had some Flower Mound, TX sellers that are currently listed ask whether they should pull their homes off the market. They think nothing is going to sell over the holidays or during the winter months. Wrong!

In Flower Mound, TX, homes sell all year long. We have a rapidly expanding retail industry, amazingly rated schools and a city that makes top ten lists for safety, security, education and income. Guess what? The DFW market creates job transfers at all times of the year, and people want a place to raise their family. People living in apartments tend to think they might like to be in their own home before the holidays. Other buyers with school age children think moving over the Christmas holiday is a fine idea so their children can change school zones at the break. Others think buying a home is the right thing to do any time of year or when the idea strikes.

first frost_06So since buyers are going to be out looking in the fall months and over the holidays and into the winter months they need homes to view. Having your home on the market at this time of the year gives you an edge. That edge is that buyers are more serious and if they like your Flower Mound home, chances are they will make an offer. Do you want to miss out on that? Plus with other sellers thinking that homes do not sell over the winter you will have less competition therefore increasing the chances for your Flower Mound home to sell. You will also have less competition from those homes with absolutely gorgeous lawns, gardens and beautiful swimming pools. All yards look pretty blah in the late fall and winter months in Flower Mound!

These are all good reasons Why Fall Can be the Best Time to Sell Your Home.

In you are in Flower Mound, TX and are interested in selling your home, now is the absolute best time. The trees are just beautiful and the crisp fall air makes people want to get out and look at homes. Call Jim Trump to schedule your appointment now.

For professional real estate service, contact The North Texas Home Hunter at (214) 609-7123 or jtrump@kw.com for your FREE home evaluation.



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